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Can You Use Visa Gift Cards for Gas?

Can You Use Visa Gift Cards for Gas

Have you ever wondered can you use Visa or MasterCard for gas purchases? These cards are issued at many places including grocery stores, petrol stations and of course online. They are part of the Automobile Club and are accepted at thousands of places where traditional cash payments are not accepted such as at movie theaters and convenience stores.

You can load them up with as much money that you want to spend, and they are great for those occasions when you have an unexpected surprise, a last minute trip away from home, or just want to make a little extra spending money.

Buy without waiting on the bank to release the funds

The downside to these cards is that they are usually only good for a specified amount of time before they expire. That means if you buy a lot of things with them like video games, jewelry or clothes then you can’t use them for purchases after they’ve expired. What you can do is recharge them, or buy them with cash and then use them again. They work great for those times when you need to buy something right away because it’s the only way to buy without waiting on the bank to release the funds.

You need to find merchants that accept them

If you’re interested in using Visa and MasterCard for your fuel purchases you’re going to need to find merchants that accept them. In most cases you can’t use them at your current gas station. There are only a few major gas stations nationwide that allow credit cards for gas purchases.

So if you’re looking for a place to purchase gas you’re going to have to drive to one of the select ones that allow them. Even then, sometimes the prices are still not very good so you may not be able to pay with your card very well.

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