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How You Can Get a Walmart Visa Gift Card

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One of the newest forms of prepaid credit cards offered by Walmart is the Walmart Visa. While this prepaid card has some limitations, like not being able to be purchased at over-the-counter retailers, or online, it has a lot of benefits compared to traditional credit cards. For example, you can get instant approval at the point of sale for purchases at Walmart, and it is restricted to purchases for products purchased in the U.S. You also do not have to provide information that will prove your identity, like a social security number, to purchase the card. Walmart does not require proof of residence, either.

Walmart Visa Overview Walmart Visa debit card and application procedures. The Card can’t be used at any retailer, such as online or mail order and phone order merchants, either in the United States itself or in the District of Columbia. The requirements to obtain a Walmart Visa include having a valid U.S. savings or checking account, having an age of at least eighteen years, being of legal age in the country you reside, and being of legal age in your state to receive the U.S. mail, if necessary. You must have a registered account with a U.S. bank.

visa gift card walmart,In addition to receiving instant approval for purchases, Walmart Visa gift cards can be purchased online by visiting the company’s website, or by calling its customer service department. The process of acquiring a gift card is actually very easy, because once approved, the card is immediately placed into your name, without having to provide any other information. However, there are some terms and conditions, which you must read and agree to, before your card can be activated. There are typically three ways to complete a transaction, via phone, the internet or in person.

Although Walmart Visa gift cards cannot be converted into cash, they can be converted into cash via the use of a prepaid card, also known as a Rapid Reloader. This prepaid card is usually good for up to ninety days, so if you plan on using it beyond that period, you will still have to make future purchases using your real credit card. If you have a Rapid Reloader card, and wish to exchange it for a Walmart Visa, you will need to contact the company to find out if they offer this feature.

Another option for receiving a Walmart Visa through the internet is by purchasing a Walmart gift card directly from the company’s website. All the information required for an online transaction must be provided. While many companies will gladly assist potential customers with questions, this option is not widely available. It is generally best to contact the company directly, as opposed to shopping online.

Finally, consumers can also purchase Walmart Visa debit cards at participating retail outlets. Again, the information needed to complete the transaction must be provided when shopping. Walmart does not have an extensive list of participating locations, so it is important to check with your favorite retailer to see if they participate in this program.

How Does Walmart Credit Cards Work With Visa and MasterCard?

Walmart is a world leader in retail sales and as such they have the ability to offer consumers products that are not available anywhere else. The most popular item that Walmart sells by far is their Visa or MasterCard gift card. This gift card can be used at any participating location that is owned and operated by Walmart. For years the Visa and MasterCard have been linked closely together but until recently both companies have been trying to find ways in which to separate the transactions between the two companies.

visa gift card walmartCurrently, Wal Mart does not have a store on every street corner like other retailers and therefore they do not have the same access to certain locations that other retailers do. However, through the years the process of transferring money between the two companies has been made much easier through the use of prepaid cards called rapid reload. In addition to being able to transfer money between the Visa and MasterCard quickly and easily these prepaid cards can also be used to make purchases at participating locations including Walmart.

If you are wondering how exactly these prepaid cards work you will have to look at it a little closer. Like a regular Visa or MasterCard the money on a rapid reloaded Visa or MasterCard gift card can be transferred into either the customer’s account or that of the retailer where the card is registered. What this means is that instead of walking into a participating Walmart you can simply load your Visa or MasterCard debit card into a kiosk and then enter your information. Once you have entered all of your information, the system will give you an electronic receipt that will show you how much money you have spent or how much money your debit card is currently available for.

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