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Kromer & Goetschel Credit Card Program Review

visa gift card kroger

The new Visa gift card provided by American Express, Kromer & Goetschel is actually known as Platinum Rewards Green Card. This brand new credit card provides many rewards, benefits, and perks, which may include rebates on gas/light and select premium services from selected retailers across the United States and Canada. This card can be used at any of the more than 2000 locations, which are located in the United States and Canada. Some of the benefits of the Visa gift card includes rebates on gasoline, groceries, services, and services like hotel stays, cruises, airfare, rentals, cruises, airline tickets, and theme park tickets.

(this does not apply on factor-load Visa/Mastercard gift cards.) Save a promotional coupon for a four day ago to receive fourx fuel rewards on both Visa and Mastercard. With this promotion, one can save on the gasoline that they use everyday and earn rewards every time they use gasoline purchased with the gift card. To make this promotion more interesting, select one of the following codes: FBLKJKL, JKL, WEDL, WKD, or BKL. One may only redeem their rewards on gasoline purchased using these four codes during the period of the four-day past the expiration date on the gift card. When redeeming the rewards, the name of the beneficiary will be printed on the coupon.

In the past, only Platinum Rewards Cards from Kromer & Goetschel and Cashback Dealers were available. However, in mid-July, 2011, they introduced the Visa gift card program, which has since become so popular that it now has thousands of stores around the United States and Canadian provinces. Now, Kromer & Goetschel also offer a membership that provides users the ability to redeem their Visa rewards for online shopping at Kromer & Goetschel stores.

visa gift card kroger

Use Visa Gift Cards at Target to Save Money

A few days ago I was at Target looking for a visa gift card. Like many people I was running out of gas and being frustrated with the fact that Target was only offering one. They had no other cards that would give me more value or save me any money. But a fellow shopper recommended that Target offer their clients visa rewards. Target has always been one of my favorite stores, but when they offered the visa gift card I jumped at the chance.

The website Target has an application process very easy and they will walk you through it step by step. But what really caught my attention about the site was the promotion that they were running with their visa cards. They would be giving one to one hundred dollars in gift cards to select customers. They would then be able to redeem the gift card towards any of the in store and online purchases that they were making.

I already knew that Target had a great program going with them, but to earn fuel points with the visa gift card was something else entirely. After completing the application and becoming a member they will still be giving out one hundred dollars worth of gift cards. Target is always my go to place when looking for discount merchants. It’s just about being able to buy everyday items that I need. Target does an excellent job of stocking their shelves with items for the whole family.

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