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Madewell Gift Card – What Are Customization Options?

Madewell Gift Card – What Are Customization Options?

Madewell gift card is a commonly preferred gift idea by people. This is because the company offers a wide range of product options in the apparel industry. In case you are looking for a good gift idea, which will make the receiver happy, then you can consider getting one of these cards.

This is why we have compiled this quick guide for you. Below, you can find more about these cards, which are quite customizable. In this way, you can personalize your card and offer something unique to the receiver. Without a doubt, we believe that they are going to be really pleased for receiving one of these cards.

How Many Madewell Gift Card Types Are There?

In general, you will have two options to choose from when you are going to buy a Madewell gift card. These options are e-gift cards and classic gift cards. The good thing about these options is you are not charged any extra fee. Of course, the e-gift card is the fastest way to get one of these cards, but it can only be spent on the website.

Madewell Gift Card – What Are Customization Options?

Madewell Gift Card – What Are Customization Options?

On the other hand, the classic gift card is shipped to the address, and it can be used on both websites and physical stores. You can purchase these cards directly from the official website of the company by visiting the gift card category.

What Are Madewell Gift Card Balances to Choose from?

Besides choosing between different design alternatives for your Madewell gift card, you can also choose between different amounts. The minimum balance you can load to the card is $25 while the maximum balance is $500. However, the company also offers different balance options between them.

Depending on your preferences, you can pick your desired balance with a simple click and place your order quickly. On average, buying one of these cards will take only a couple of minutes, including the payment. So, if you want to offer a wide range of product options to the receiver of the gift, do not miss your opportunity to get one of these cards for them.

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