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Why is it Possible for a Visa Gift Card to be Declined?

visa gift card declined

Due to recent increases in the amount of fraud that occurs on the Internet it is important that when a Visa Gift Card is being used online that all security measures are in place. As with any type of payment it is important that purchases are made using a Credit Card. Unfortunately, in this day and age it is not always possible to determine who is making these types of transactions online. In fact, as recently as 5 years ago it was nearly impossible to determine who the buyer was in most cases if a Visa Gift Card was being used.

The reason for this is due to the nature of how these cards are issued. First, in most cases you will receive a VISA DEBIT as a response to your initial request for a Visa Gift Card. Next you will either confirm your order with a credit card over the phone or you will write a check for the amount of the Visa Gift Card that you have requested. Either way, once your order is placed it is not possible to withdraw from your account or change your Visa Gift Card unless you use the appropriate PIN number that is provided on the back of your Visa Debit card. We, like any other web merchants, utilize fraud prevention software which can decline a Visa Gift Card or Visa Debit sale transaction.

There are times when Visa gift cards are being declined due to misuse of the system. For example, some consumers may exceed their credit card limit and then deposit the funds to their account without authorization. This causes the Visa company to issue a VISA GIFT CARDS decline as a result of the transaction being unauthorized. If you wish to avoid Visa gift card declines it is important that your credit card be issued with enough funds to cover the full amount of the transaction before you attempt to withdraw from an ATM or make a purchase at a retail outlet.

visa gift card declined

Visa Gift Card Denied – What To Do?

What does it mean if your Visa Gift Card is declined? Well, first of all let me explain what a Visa Gift Card is. A Visa Gift Card is issued at a MasterCard terminal, usually located in a mall, or online. You are granted a plastic card with a special logo that may have your name, address, phone number or any other information on it.

Now, if someone wants to purchase something from you and they do not have a credit or debit card that allows them to, or they do have a credit or debit card but they do not have enough money available in their account to cover the purchase then they cannot complete the sale. So what happens is that the merchant will put a hold on your Visa gift card. Yes. You can actually use your Visa Gift Card virtually anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The merchant can split the entire transaction with you and let you pay for part of it with your Visa Gift Card, and the rest of the sale with another type of payment including credit, debit or cash. This is how many stores are able to stay open late night because they do not accept debit and credit cards for late payments.

Visa and MasterCard both are companies that handle Visa gift cards and debit cards. There are different types of programs associated with each company including the ones that allow merchants with no credit or debit to accept Visa or MasterCard for payment. There are some people who mistakenly think that all stores that offer Visa or MasterCard for payment also offer debit Visa and that is not true. That is why it is important to make sure to check all of your local stores to see what they currently accept for payment before you purchase anything with them.

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